What are THESE? Haven't seen them before! (Plus off-topic White Onatah pics)

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  1. I was checking out the rakuten.co.jp site for new LV things and came upon these:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I like the pink one! It'll actually go with my cellphone very well since my cell's charm-less right now. I was planning on getting the LOVE phone charm but may get these instead.

    Anyone seen these before and/or know pricing/availability (LE?)/release in USA & Canada etc?

    They're listed on the site for 24,150 YEN each and the LOVE phone charm is listed for 30,450 YEN so I guess these are slightly less expensive than the LOVE charms (plus rakuten overprices their items).

    And here are some pics of the white onatah that was on the same site:



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. the charm came out about 7-14 days ago? i saw them in my store already. i believe someone here on tPF already got one (although I can't remember who). i think she mentioned the price in her thread as well. it's very cute though IRL.
  3. I wanna know too!!!! These are so cute!
  4. I think Orodruin has them. A couple threads down (sorry don't know how to post the link), she shows a cute charm on her Azur pochette.
  5. The colours and sizes in Karman's pics are exactly the same as that on my Keyring (some colours not showing properly due to my flash).

    The differences are the one additional small yellow pointy fleur in Karman's left pic and on mine the 2 large round fleurs in yellow and purple.
  6. This is one of the CUTEST keychains made by LV!!! :love:
  7. Here's another pic from my other 2 week old thread :smile:
  8. Very cute- they seem to be heavily geared towards the Asian market.
  9. The Japanese market specifically, I would say :smile: The rest of the Asian market gets to benefit from the spilloffs hehe.

  10. those are darling!! and i love the lining of the onatah
  11. oh wow that charm is super cute! Orodruin, yours looks a bit different than the one karman posted but i love them all teehee
  12. I love that keychain that Orodruin got, I was hoping my store would have something like it but they didn't. :sad:
  13. They are named Bijour Cellphone,you can find them in Japanese/Korean LV official website. And their official price in Japan are actually 18,900 yen without tax. Yes, Japanese LV website already launch online shopping service, which mean you can now also get japan's LV price.

  14. So adorable!
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