What are these colours? (Chloe Paddingtons on Luisavroma site)

  1. Can you help with these colours?

    Roche? (is this red)
    Moka? (Mocha perhaps)
    Mais? (corn perhaps)

    Also has anyone seen the Metallic Taupe Paddington - is it more creamy or silvery.

  2. Galet: Like a greyish taupe
    Roche: Like a dark greyish brown rock/stone color
    Canelle: cinnamon, like muscade maybe?
    Moka: no idea
    Mais: yellow
    Argent: metallic dark silver

    I have see the first three IRL, not loving any of them.
    I have no seen the last three in person, just in pics. I love the mais and the argent.
  3. Many Thanks for that. I was deciding whether to get the metallic taupe from NAP or Luisavroma has the argent... The NAP one looks more silvery, however the Luisavorma site looks more buttery... but based on what you said, the Argent being more silvery, this is the one I am more after.

    Thanks so much for that.
  4. Also, if you get the bag from NAP US it's returnable.

    Well, so is the one from LVR, but harder to send back to Europe. Unless you are already there, LOL
  5. I Think "Moka" is deep brown..
  6. I did a price comparison (as I am getting it delivered to Australia), Diabro comes out on top with pricing followed by LVR, and NAP was the most expensive by $350 AUD. I feel a little uncomfortable about Diabro after the comments.... so not sure where to order from.