What are these colors called?

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if these are the same colors but different lighting? I like the color that the twiggy is in .... what is it called? is it cornflower or ink?
    Thanks! :smile:

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  2. Same colour, different light. They're both cornflower blue. :biggrin:
  3. cornflower. Ink is a really dark blue with purple tones. It almost looks like black at night.
  4. Thanks!! :biggrin:
  5. the 2006 S/S blue is cornflower and the twiggy if it's from F/W 2005 would be the royal blue and a bit darker than the cornflower.
  6. These bags are both cornflower. IMO, the second bag is closer to what the color looks like in real life.
  7. Cornflower :love:.....
  8. yep def. cornflower on both!
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