What are these CHANEL's called?

  1. Can somebody tell me what this buckle-full Chanel shoes are called? Saw them at Saks and I'm in love with them...:love:
  2. color pop or something. it's from f/w last season.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I thought they were from the current season, A/W 2007? Someone here has them in red.
  5. Yes, I saw that, too! She has it in her signature but I can't remember who...:confused1:
  6. I believe they are current season FW07, as in currently on sale! I believe they will be marked down once Chanel breaks their sale - should be the second week of December.
  7. This style isn't on sale at NM
  8. ^^ You are correct - that is because NM/Saks/Bergdorfs, etc cannot mark down their Chanel merchandise before the Chanel boutiques break for sale. I think that is the only company that enforces that, but it is Chanel so I'm sure their margins allow for it!
    Although I did notice that some Chanel styles were on sale at Saks yesterday.
  9. lol sorry i mentioned it was last season b/c this season is cruise already LOL!! the f/w stuff are going on sale now for Chanel at NM, not sure about the shoes though...
  10. Great! Does anyone have the name for this? Just wondering what it is called...
  11. ^ it's in the 2nd post?