What are these brown marks on the Speedy handles?

  1. Hi there,

    I bid on this Cerises speedy and noticed these brown marks on the handles. My mono speedy never had these marks, so I'm wondering what may have caused this? Thanks for your help :smile:



    Seller described the bag as almost brand new. What do you think?

  2. kind of looks like lotion maybe? or maybe a bad mositurizing job. could also be water marks. a little leather cleaner might even things out...
  3. my speedy has them -- i assume that they are from being held, lotion, oil, etc. my handles are patina-ing nicely, but occasionally i see dark spots on the handles. then they fade. i wouldn't worry! i think that even the slightest handing can cause them because a person's skin has oils and unless the speedy was literally handled w/ kid gloves, it is inevitable! :smile:

    EDIT: the first photo just loaded for me! my internet connection must be yucky right now. anyway, mine don't get that dark! maybe it's just an excess of lotion or something. i echo shells -- maybe try leather cleaner or a magic eraser?
  4. Try the magic eraser. I use it all the time. After you use it, put on some conditioner and it will look great.
  5. It's tanning oil residue. The previous owner probably carried the bag in the crook of her arm after going tanning.
  6. Looks like older water spots to me and then hand oils on top of the water spots.
  7. What is the name of the Magic Eraser? I must look for it in the supermarkets here...
  8. its prob just hand maks from holding it it would be a mix of dirt and sweat
  9. ok, that's a relief! i was thinking maybe the bag was heavily beat up. If it's from normal use, then i'm ok with it. Thanks everyone.
  10. Madaddie-They are talking about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  11. I love that bag, yes get it and go with the suggestions here, use the magic eraser.