What are these bags called?

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  1. The ones that are like a tote bag style, seem to be made of canvas, and they have a patch on them that say "Louis Vuitton trunks and luggage" or something like that...oh and the strap seems to be striped kinda.

    I can't find them on elux. Plus I want to know what they are called!

  2. The Globe Shopper perhaps.
  3. You mean this one? Globe Cabas Shopper, not necessarily in that order, could be Cabas Globe Shopper, lol.

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  4. I think you are talking about a new denim cruise line.

  5. i want one. where can i find this?
  6. I think only ebay now, they were a part of last years cruise line.
  7. YES! That's it! I love it! The only place to get them is on eBay? Are they imitated?
  8. let-trade actually has one up for sale on his site right now if you're interested ;)
  9. 90% of the ones on ebay are fake. They do not come in black or pink. They only came in Red, Blue, and Yellow.
  10. Thank you! I just checked it out. I think fo rthis bag though I prefer a "PM". I also like the red and the blue best. Guess I will have to keep my eye out.
  11. Thx for that info! I can't believe they knock off this bag, too!
  12. I hope you find one, I got really surprised by mine as it goes with a lot. I didn't care much for it when I first saw pictures but when I saw it in the store I fell head over heels.
  13. What size and color do you have? Lucky! :yes:
  14. I've got the one in the pic, red PM :smile:
  15. i like red best. blue looks nice too. i wouldn't buy it on ebay (most likely are fakes).