What are these 2 MJ models called?

  1. I just received these 2 Marc Jacobs bags and I don't know the name of the models. Does anyone know? They are both fall '05. Thanks so much!
    IMG_1395.jpg IMG_1398.jpg
  2. I'm no help but the second one is gorgeous!
  3. Thanks, it is actually quite larger. Larger than I was expecting, and I love the gold hardware.

    The red is such a gorgeous cherry red, blue undertones, not orange undertones at all.
  4. Was there every a name for the second satchel? I remember seeing it on various websites, but I think they just called it a large satchel. Don't know about the first one.
  5. I think those two styles were just offered for that one season and never got "names" like the Blake, Stella, Sophia, etc. that have been offered over and over....
  6. Thanks guys, that is what I'm guessing as well.