What are the virtues of YSL bags?

  1. I have lots of Coach, Maxx, D&B, etc but have never purchased a YSL. But I see that a lot of you love them. What are the virtues that make you buy? For me a bag must have gorgeous leather or interesting fabric and lots of organizational features (like cell pocket). And I like classic shapes. Will YSL be up my alley? Thanks for your advice!
  2. I think the Buffalo leather is absolutely fabulous--and sturdy. But, so is the goat. I also like a lot of the designs. I'm often fickle in terms of holding onto bags. But I've owned a number of YSL styles over the years.
  3. YSL is just so classic in their styles--for the most part, ala Muse and Mombasa. The leather is always top-notch and they line their bags with the softest suede or satin. Plus I think their bags have long-term classic appeal since they're usually very simple with classic lines.

    Another great thing is that they're a great high-end designer bag without breaking the bank when compared with other lines.
  4. For me, the main virtue of YSL is that the styles are generally elegant, classic, timeless. Even when one of their bags becomes wildly popular--like the Muse or Mombasa--its a pretty safe bet that it won't look really dated and "out of it" a few years down the road. Their bags are also usually well made and relatively "affordable"--if you consider $995, $1,295, $1,495 price ranges affordable, compared to the upwards of $2,000 that some premium designer bags are going for.

    Some other brands may be younger, hipper, trendier (and I certainly like some of those too!) I guess I consider YSL sort of like Ferragamo--a reliable designer label that's been around for a long while and has come up with just enough of an edge in recent years to stay current looking while maintaining its core principles...
  5. For me, one thing: Tom Ford. The Vincennes is about the only design I consider after he left YSL. And YSL did not appeal to me before Tom Ford. During his time with YSL, their bags are designed to be simple, elegant, stylish and with a lot of twist without sacrificing the "flow" of how the various shapes and feel of the bag are put together. Just beautiful.
  6. ^ I totally agree. Gucci and YSL hadn't been in the forefront of fashion for years (bag-wise) until Tom Ford came along and revived those brands. I wish he hadn't left.
  7. ^ ITA! :yes:
  8. I only have one YSL bag but many years ago had some of the other brands you mention. The feature that I love about the YSL Muse is that it is so lightweight. This fall when I was looking for a bag I ordered several different ones and gosh they were soooo heavy when empty. I was pleasantly surprised that even though the Muse is a large bag, it is lightweight.
  9. The leather is amazing - hard wearing but soft, it's a timeless style (IMO) and you can carry a whole load of junk around without breaking your back!
  10. Classic and timeless
  11. Super Soft Leather. Quality. Elegant. Classy. And Affordable.
  12. I agree with everyone's comments about the muse. I just feel great carrying a well-made, handbag. I get lots of compliments, too!
  13. I'm a recent convert largely because of the muse. I especially love how it goes well with a range of things, from jeans/shorts to dresses or suits. I prefer the medium size and like how it's size fits so many things without looking too bulky.

    The lines are clean and classic. I also like the rive gauche and double lines.

    Though, I must say that I'm not too crazy about the downtown and maia bags.