what are the trends for this fall ?

  1. I don´t mean the runway fashions(Haute couture), but the trends that will make it to the streets, do you have a feeling for something ???
    In Denmark it´will be skinny jeans still going strong and waist coats, for the rest I really need a shopping trip;)
  2. For American mainstream trends, I'd check out Gap.com, Arden B: Arden B, bebe.com : bebe, Oldnavy.com, Wet Seal inc., Forever21.com - Home C6

    I don't really know what's going on with average American fashion. Fashion differs quite a lot depending on where you live in the US. In LA, the fashion will be whatever you see in US Weekly or In Touch. In NY, it will be skinny jeans, structured coats, ankle boots, lots of black with gold or red accents ... whatever you see in fashion magazines.

    I don't have a sense of what is currently happening in fashion. I'm always thinking ahead. I always look out of sync with what's going on, I think. That's because it's confusing when you see the shows half a year before they sell them in stores and get sick of them when people actually start wearing the styles. (I've been wearing over-the-knee boots, monochromatic colors, red shoes, black accessories with gold hardware, etc. since spring.)

    Oh yes, where I spend most of the year in the US, people are preppy so they don't really follow trends: polo shirts, khakis, designer jeans, Goyard or LV bags, button down shirts, loafers for men (no idea for women's shoes though, strangely ...).
  3. ^ I know what you mean, I have to think ahead for my business, as well.

    I think grey, black and greyish brown will be big; as will red, purple and blue. No doubt, monochrome will put in an appearance, as well.

    Knitwear, particularly long sweaters/short sweater dresses will be popular, worn with leggings, or skinny jeans.

    The length will generally be short for young fashion dresses (referencing the 1960s and 1980s).

    Volume, particularly in sleeves, will be popular.

    1960s tunics (worn with skinny trousers, or leggings) will probably be an emerging trend.

    Prints will generally be geometric, abstract and/or floral.

    Not sure how popular the beautiful Opulence (or 'Baroque 'n' Roll'!) and Historical looks will be on the highstreet, as they may look tacky in lower priced fabrics. Same probably goes for animal prints.

    The main eras referenced will span the 1940s - 1980s.

    For officewear/outerwear, I think 1940s style capes and shawl collared jackets (worn with pencil skirts) will continue to be popular and parkas and chunky knitwear, such as long cardigans and shawls will be the casual alternatives.
  4. tartan and plaid will be popular, I think..
  5. :love: :love:
  6. basically its old school meets chic? i
  7. I agree on the voluminous trend...bubble skirts, empire waists, voluminous coats. I like it.
  8. Flap-pocket jeans are really popular in my city, but we're kinda behind on trends...
  9. Trends of the season:

    Berlin inspired street style
    leopard prints
    skinny dark wash jeans
    black jeans
    puffed sleeves
    empire waist with puff sleeves
    voluminous tops with skinny bottoms
    leather wedge boots
    suspender straps
    printed/knit tights