What are the trends for this fall ? will you wear them ?

  1. Just to talk about trends.....and see also the differences between the regions of the world !!

    In Denmark :
    - Still Big belts, worn high waist
    - High waist jeans and pencil skirts
    - Metallics again ......(already have been sporting this one for 1 year now)
    - 80´s big graphic tshirts : music bands or huge text
    - Neon and fluorescent colors, from tshirts to trainers (Reebok Freestyle)
    - Leggings still, but more and more fluo and lycra
    - Sweat shirts and hoodies as dresses
    - 60´s cape like jackets
    - jeans, skinnies still in a faded denim (cheap Monday is huge...and cheap !)

    I like the 80´s hip hop revival !

    What are yours ???
  2. I guess it's the same thing around here, and I too really love the 80s style hip-hop (I'm sooo getting a pair of cool trainers this fall), but my body don't allow me to wear much of the cool stuff (like tights :p). :yes:
  3. love the sheath dress, pencil skirt, patent anything, and belted looks. oh yeah, grey anything and leggings are still big too. also, leather jackets are gearing up.
  4. i'm loving the patent accessories and sheath dresses, will be passing on booties though... that look is not doing it for me!
  5. hello! i'm in new york... i think we will be moving away from the sacky shapes of those trapeze dresses into more structured looks for fall. i am personally tired of volume and want to build a more streamlined silhouette for my wardrobe.

    i think some of the things you mentioned will be favored:
    - High waist jeans and pencil skirts
    - Metallics again ......(already have been sporting this one for 1 year now)

    Personally haven't seen many people sporting the neon 80s revival thing, but then again, I'm probably too old to be wearing that stuff :sad:

    I would say most people will be moving towards the more forgiving denim shapes-- at least that's what the stores are trying to push on us. I will be keeping my skinny black denim and probably purchasing a wide-legged trouser denim.

    I just bought into the metallic trend with a metallic handbag and I'm dying for a pencil skirt.
  6. In general, I think the trend is more "ladylike" and tailored to the body. I will definitely be wearing pieces along that general trend.
  7. Shift mini dresses with tights and platform oxford pumps

    Babydoll/trapeze dresses/tunics over leggings with ankle booties (or ballet flats)

    Still love my skinnies inside boots or with platform pumps

    The last two are holdovers from previous seasons, but I don't care. I love the looks.:yahoo:
  8. really? i've seen that all over the lower east side and brooklyn. today at lunch i saw a girl wearing neon yellow jeans and an off shoulder red sweater with vintage hightops! lol!
  9. Higher waisted skirts and pants
    Colored tights
    Lace up/oxford heels
    Short boxy jackets
    Tent dresses (still)
    Leather motorcycle jackets

    I will be wearing some of the trends.. higher waisted skirts, vests, leather jacket, colored tights, booties... but not all at once and in moderation.
  10. How about Opera lenght Gloves? I thought they're gonna be a big hit this fall.
    pic from eluxury.com
  11. ^yes! With a short or 3/4 length sleeved coats. So chic!!
  12. Swing coats
    Wide belts (will not be going away anytime soon in TX:s. Which is good to hide the beer guts that are prevelant down here.)

    Gray shoes and accessories

    Doctor satchels/Frame bags

    Flamboyant colored jewelry
  13. I am wearing them this season.

  14. mellecyn I love cheap mondays. I can never pass up a chance to purchase a pair.
  15. When I was in Stockholm last month it seemed like EVERYONE was wearing babydoll, trapeze, and shift dresses over very skinny jeans or leggings. Also, short jackets.

    Here in PA it seems like shift dresses are still hot.

    Skinny jeans are still big -- I like them, so I'll keep wearing em:smile:

    I also like that more diversity in jeans is coming back too. I got a pair of trouser legs and a pair of flares (I already have more than enough bootcut).

    I've been into different colors and washes of jeans -- grey, brown, super-dark wash, more uniform color w/ less distressing and wiskering, some cords.

    I like habitual and demin for immortality for new denim brands.

    Short swing jackets. Blazers generally seem "in".

    Tunic cashmere sweaters.

    A-line and swingy skirts seem to be coming in to join pencil skirts in popularity.

    I will NOT be doing the high waists or the omni-present belts over loose shirts, dresses and sweaters that still seem to be in. I just don't like that look and don't find it comfortable. (it looks cute on other people, but it's not for me:smile: