What are the top 5 brands in your wardrobe?

  1. I never really noticed, but my wardrobe is actually very very plain. I basically wear the same thing every day in different colors and slightly different variations. All of my pants are Sevens and True Religions, all of my shirts are C&C tanks, shirts, long-sleeves, and I have Ralph Lauren polos in a complete rainbow. I also collect Juicy jackets and all of my wallets/key chains/purses/school bags are Gucci.

    Help! I need to diversify! I'm curious to see what's in the rest of your wardrobes : )
  2. Country Road
    Armani Exchange Pima cotton tees
    Reiss shirts
    True Religions
    Ralph Lauren

    I do like knowing what works for me and working it. =)
  3. I have tons of different brands O.o, I don't even know where to start. A lot of them are exclusive european, but some you guys may be familiar with are moschino prada lacoste and kenzo.
  4. lotsa variety...I guess we all couldnt stick to just one brand only ;)
  5. I dont really have 5 top brands, I buy all different brands!
  6. Well, for tanks and tees oldnavy
    for dress a store called tribeca
    for jeans target (the best fitting jeans I have found for me)
    for track suits/ hoodies victoria secret
    for polos/cable knit sweaters (ralph lauren and aeropostle)

    I have many brands but those are some of the most frequent you will find in my closet.
  7. For jeans, it's all Express (guess I AM lucky that the best fit for me is not so expensive!)

    Ann Taylor/Banana Republic for work

    Old Navy for casual tops

    BCBG for dresses
  8. I usually don't have 5 top brands, I buy several brands but if I look at my wardrobe same brands tend to pop-up:
    Diesel (for jeans)
    Hugo Boss
    Prada Linea Rossa
    Ralph Lauren
  9. I also have a ton of different brands but the most popular ones in my closet are:

    Frankie B, Seven and Chip and Pepper for Jeans
    Limited for work pants
    BCBG and Miss Sixty for cute tops
    Junk food for T-shirts
    Victoria secret for work shirts and lounge wear.

  10. same here spOoky. i dont buy from only a few brands but there are a few that pop up more than once.
    Vivienne westwood (my true love, gotta love the dame)knit wear and fancy clothes)
    ralph lauren (shirts and jumpers)
    seven jeans
    and when im in the US i LOVE old navy.
  11. Clothes: True Religion, C&C, Juicy, BCBG and Victoria Secret Pink.

    Shoes: Gucci, Dior, Prada, Michael Kors and Ugg
  12. Like many here, I have a TON of variety, but here are some brands I have multiple pieces from:

    Seven Jeans (for jeans, duh)
    Velvet (for jersey items)
    Free People (for sweaters and tops)
    Anna Sui (for dresses)
    Nannette Lepore (for cool coats)

    Hmm...that was hard. I have a lot of "nameless brands". :smile:
  13. I have many but some higher end brands that i have most from are
    dolce & gabbana
    michael kors
    calvin klein
  14. D&G
    Robert Rodriguez
    True Religion
    Tracy Reese
  15. For clothes:
    1. Theory
    2. Banana Republic
    3. BCBG
    4. DVF
    5. Everything else about mixed in equally into 5 - nothing that really stands out

    For shoes:
    1. Manolo Blahnik
    2. Charles David
    3. BCBG
    4. Gucci
    5. The rest is a mix like my clothes - Pumas, Lacoste, Enzo, etc...