What are the Suhali bags like

  1. I love the monogram and damier bags but wondered if anyone has the 'Le Superbe' bag in Suhali goat leather.

    I am not in a city with L.V. and have to drive a long way to get to an L.V. botique, so have only seen it on the L.V. web site.

    Wondering what any of you think of this line.

    Any help would be very appreciated:confused1:.

  2. hmmm... well I don't have le Superbe and don't really like bowling styles, but in terms of the entire Suhali line, I think it's the best you can get your money's worth. If you buy on average 3 mono/damier bags that can OFTEN have tiny imperfections (eg. stitching, glazing, symmetry...etc), I personally find it much more satisfying to get ONE Suhali bag that is absolutely near perfection. The craftsmanship for the Suhali line is incomparable to all other LV lines in the perm collection. :yes:
  3. CECLV4eva,

    Thanks, I agree with you about the spending money on one quality bag rather than several somewhat lesser ones.

    I only got one reply.

    Does this mean people don't much like the Suhali line?

  4. Personally I love the Suhali line!
    But there isn't any suhali bags designed for a guy, which i guess is a good thing since its out of my budget for now. :p
  5. No way! lol I've NEVER heard anyone on this forum say that... (yet) lol

    There are quite a few others who own Suhali bags but I guess they just didn't see this thread yet???? lol
  6. i have 3 Suhali bags, and i love them to death. you get your money's worth for them, and they're the height of elegance and class within the brand
  7. I've never seen a negative commet on the suhali, honestly. I think it's the universally most loved LV line.
  8. I love the suhali lockit! And I was really surprised to discover how light they are...they look heavy, kwim?
  9. They look s beautiful. I am eyeing one for myself
  10. :nuts: Black Le Tal here I come! :lol:
  11. I recently bought a Suhali Le Confident, Suhali Zippy wallet and Suhali Cles, all in black. Each was worth every cent, and I use them more than any of my Monogram, Damier, Vernis and Denim bags/Acces. There's nothing like the feel and look of that leather! :tup:
  12. I'm in the minority....I'm not a Suhali lover at all.
  13. but Le Tal's sad cuz you chose Mr. Keepall first:crybaby: lol
  14. Suhali is worth every penny! Like CEC said, the craftsmanship and material is superb! Goatskin is easy to care for, not as fragile as lambskin, yet not as rough as Caviar. I love the design of each Suhali all screams "elegant' :yes: I recently got my first Suhali-plum Le Fab and it's just tdf!
  15. I don't own any Suhali pieces but I would like to one day. I've seen them and tried them on in store and they are TDF. The leather is so thick and rich. Absolutely the creme de la creme.