What are the sale prices?

  1. Anyone know the sale prices of the bags on sale?

    I know the large violet downtown was on sale for $899.00.
    Cosmo posted her large violet tribute was $479.00.

    What are the other great deals out there???? And what stores????
  2. i saw a OS khaki muse last night on NM/BG for $781. sold out pretty quickly though.
  3. I got a reddish brown large downtown for $899 at the YSL boutiques (60%). The doubles (purple/silver, white/gold) are also 60% off. The muses and the med downtowns at the YSL boutiques are still at 40%. I think the sales are winding down though..... what do you think? Anyone have luck at Neimans or Nordstroms?
  4. I got the large downtown in olive at Nordstrom for 60% off last week.
  5. I called NY today and they said the large tribute tote was on sale for $699.00 yet Cosmopolitian got hers for $479.00 right before Christmas???? $200.00 is a big difference.
  6. I think that sale prices vary by retailer--it depends whether you are buying from a YSL boutique, NM, Saks, Bluefly, etc... And of course prices of different bags vary by size and material--medium vs. large; patent vs. buffalo vs. croco embossed; a seasonal color vs. timeless black. It would be difficult to compile a definitive sale price list. Plus, most of the end-of-the-year sales stock is gone now, unfortunately. :push:

    Its really a matter of shopping around, or calling around, and getting lucky! :tup: When I bought my $479 plum Tribute, the YSL SA told me that two had just been shipped to the store from another boutique, and she didn't expect them to last more than an hour before being sold...