What are the possibilities

  1. what are the possibilities of me finding one of these bags

    i recently got a black 07 first for x-mas and i have been getting that bbag itch again

    i have decided that for my second bag i want a city

    i really like these two colors but they are old

    i really like the 2004 marron and the pistachio

    i have also been interested in the coral red but if i could find a marron or pistachio i am sure i could wait on the coral red

    are any of these bags rare colors and how much do the 04s usually sell for on eBay if you own these colors please post pics
  2. is there anybody out there??????????
  3. I don't own either, but both colors are pretty sought after. eBay would be your best bet, and unless it's in very worn condition, it'll likely be selling for over retail. There's a gorgeous marron first selling for $1250 on anns fabulous finds right now, just to give you an idea of price.
  4. The pistachios get snapped up pretty quick.... Sunny is right, there is a Marron on AFF and a Marron twiggy (I think) on RDC right now... You would have to keep checking everywhere... everyday!
  5. I do hear Pistachio are almost impossible to get your hands on. But you chose gorgeous colours so hopefully the sites the PF'ers suggested would help you. Good luck!
  6. moving to shopping
  7. ohhhhhhhh i want one so bad
    a city yep thats it

    have they made any other colors like it if so what year

    what are the chances of finding one and where

    how much do they usually cost

    do i have better chances of finding a pistachio or marren (did i spell it right?) in a city
  8. is anybody out there?
  9. going to move this to Shopping . . .
  10. Chunky, scour eBay and just keep your eyes peeled - I just got a mint condition pistachio first Sunday! I think it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
  11. does bal ny carry older bags ex: 02,04,06 etc.

    Also any good online consignment shops

    i am looking for a marron or pistachio city ;)
  12. helllllllllllloooooooooooo?
  13. I'd say ebay is your best bet for older colors, but make sure you post them in the "authenticate this" thread though!! Annsfabulousfinds.com is a great consignment, also RealDealCollection is an amazing online shop run by a wonderful fellow tpfer...Good luck!!
  14. ohh i soo want the 04 khaki city but it's REALLY expensive for a used bag that may have been touched up huh?
  15. i know a lot of the older bags are more expensive than the brand new ones!! haha