What are the positives and negatives of Suhali Le Fabuleux?

  1. I am contemplating about purchasing the Le Fabuleux, because many people from this forum seem to like it a lot. Before I decide, I would like to ask you for help. Please tell me what you think about its appearance, functionality, size, weight, versatility, durability, and etc.?
  2. I love the Le Fabuleux. The leather is very durable. It can be a bit heavy depending on what you put inside but I don't mind it.

    In my option this bag looks good dressed up or down. I love it with jeans and I recently wore it to a wedding and it lookes great with my outfit.

    I love love the the Le Fab and cannot say enough good things about it.

    I want one in every color.....one day. LOL :wlae:

    Hope that helps
  3. I don't have one but will get one in the future in black. I like how it's very versatile, like Iluvbags said.
    The one thing I've noticed when testing it out in the store is that the straps can get a little uncomfortable but if you're wearing a thick enough sweater or shirt, you don't notice as much.
  4. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!! I one in every color except sienna (hate the silver). I never use ther geranium becasue, although it is a beautiful color, it is a little to load for me and I have a hard time encorperating it into my wardrobe. I'm parting w/ her only because at 3K+ I can put the money to better use than having it sit in the dustbag:smile:

    My handsdown favorite color is the blue

    One thing that sometimes happens--your gonna think I've gone and cracked out-- is when my hands are SUPER dry and I touch the inside lining I get the shivers (like the shivers from nails on a chalkboard)...yep that's the ONLY NEGATIVE!
  5. I love my black Le Fabulex. The leather is durable and it can be worn with jeans and with suits. It doesnt look awkard when wearing it on the arm. So far,no negatives.:P

  6. I agree!

    I was also looking to purchase one and Rebecca (LVBabyDoll) suggested to go the store and try the bag on. The bag was too big for my small frame and the straps were not very comfortable. I think I could of dealt with the straps but, the bag over powered me and that was the deal breaker. I obsessed about the Le Fab for months, looking at pictures and eluxury but the best thing to do is go and see it for yourself. After that you will know for sure whether it’s the bag for you or not.
  7. It's comfortable to hold, the straps are smooth and easy to carry. The inner 2 sides are open, but the bag is pretty deep. There's a center fabric zip pocket, that runs the height and length of the bag, and it zips closed.

    I love this bag, it goes with just about everything and you''ll get compliments on it whenever you use it. It's classy and is very versatile :yes:

    Get one, you won't regret it :wlae:
  8. I love the one in white! :love:
  9. I love the bag, C vraiment fabuleux! haha but like some PFers here, I will never buy one because I`m only 5`2 and 97lBs... I`ve tried it on before and found that I`m way too petite to carry le Fab, however, le Talentueux is perfect!
  10. I agree with you that the Le Talenteux is more appropriate for young girls and those weighing less than 110 lb. I think the Le Fabuleux is best for more mature ladies.

    The only reason I skipped the Le Fabuleux and went for the L'Epanoui GM instead is that I think the Le Fabuleux is a little boxy and structured looking, plus it has a little too much metal. Yet, it is this same look that makes it stand out, unique, and eye-catching in a positive way. This is why I keep thinking about it.

    I am at the point where I need to be selective with my next purchase. I hate to see too many unused bags in my closet. Therefore, I need your help in finding out what other considerations I should have for this gorgeous bag. The uncomfortable straps and the 2-lb weight are indeed concerns, but relatively minor.
  11. The only thing negative about this bag is the price lol its a lot of $!!!
  12. Haha, the bag has really sharp corners! I don't own this but my mom has a black one. One time I borrowed it to go shopping and this guy squeezed past me on the street. All of a sudden he screams 'OWWWWW YOUR BAG JUST CUT ME!!' He had this big bleeding scratch on his arm from the top corner! I just stood there in shock and then he goes, "my fault, my fault" and just ducks out of there. Really bizarre.
    Anyhow, my main complaints is that the bag gets heavy and I don't like the middle zipper compartment. It's too thin to be of much use and all it does is waste space for larger things that could have filled the entire compartment of the purse. I think if they just included one large zip pocket on the interior wall, and left the rest of the space larger that would have been better.
  13. ^^ Lol... The guy is kinda funny. :lol: That teaches him not to bump onto women's bags. :P
  14. lol well the bag seems like it's good for self defense then ^^ since it could cut someone O.o
    Comes in handy I'm sure :smile:
  15. It's not very lightweight, it's rather costly, the hardware gets scratched.
    Other than that, it's gorgeous, especially the black.