What are the original 'Fab-Five' styles, and pics if possible!!

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  1. Hello all!

    I am a new member to tPF, and am wondering if someone could tell me what the original 'Fab-Five' styles were for HH, and pics if possible?? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Great question.

    Lorca we know
    Mercer Hobo?

    Now that we have all of the HH posts in this forum - I am tracking down the oldest threads and can see that this tokyo clutch is from the Fall 2005 collection

    could it be one of them?
  3. Maybe the Inka?

  4. Yes, it says on the website that the Tokyo Clutch is "One of our original "fab-five" styles".

    Great question, by the way.
  5. lorca is also one of them.
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    I tried to find an archived version of the HH website; what I found under the Fall 2005 link was the Havana, Lorca, Tokyo, Ibiza, and Thalia. And for canvas, the Erol and Montauk. Couldn't really see what they had for Summer 2005, although one part of the website had some vintagey straw bags!
  7. Can't wait to find out the other three!
  8. Mlinky - was it you that taught us how to use the waybackmachine last time? I knew there was something - but my mind was drawing a black.

    Just popping up from my exploration with my findings so far... -a link (but no picture) for the Lucinda Red Leather Mini-Satchel appeared in April '05 - but fall collection . Ohhhh - anyone have any ideas about what it could be???? Wasn't there an item of clothing called the lucinda?

    Here is the Mercer Hobo from 2006 (I don't know if you have to be time traveling for the link to work???

    I am heading back down know - wish me luck...

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    So I am digging up info on the grand opening 6/25/05


    And I know that that the missing "fab-five" purse was the Mischa. Pics to follow ....

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  10. So it looks like the original Fab Five were

    Tokyo Clutch
    Erol (haven't we been rude to the old timer!)

    and the Mischa


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  11. Sorry cciele - I meant to ask if it was you who showed us the way back machine.

    Re. the vintagey straw bags - I found this webpage from before their official opening...

    One of them went for $20!!!! that has to be the best priced HH bag!!! (oh except the erol mini tote @ $19.50 inc. free shipping!)

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  12. Ahhh, isn't it amazing how much HH has grown?
  13. This has been great!! Thanks so much to all of you for the detailed info and great research!

    I have just fallen in love with the HH bags and now, the more info the better! My latest hope is to find a Gaza hobo in fir...here's to finding it! :yes:
  14. No, I don't think it was me, although I've used it before for non-purse research before in the past :smile:

    Thanks for doing the digging regarding the styles, treesrgreen! I think it's interesting that they're still trying to unload the Erol and Montauk. I'm vaguely considering buying the mini-Erol for $19.50 and giving it to my daughter as a play purse :P