what are the odds .....

  1. me being able to find either black of grey 266 reissue from chanel boutique?
    if they are sold out, do you think there is gonna be new shipment coming in soon?
  2. I don't think you can get the reissue in grey anymore.
  3. I saw a black when I got mine.... So I dont know :smile:
    Wait for the cruise collection!
  4. where did you see the black one?
    oh, and also,
    do you girls think that there are going to be some more black ones next season?
  5. I bet someone will snatch that up quick. The SA that I had talked too said they are getting really hard to get.
  6. anyone knows the style no.? I emailed them but they said they needed a no. to check. I was thinking how difficult it was to check for a grey 226 reissue. :\
  7. If you want the bag from San Diego--call the store. It's the Neiman Marcus. 619.692.9100.
  8. It's A30226 & good luck in finding one! :smile:
  9. I saw black and bronze.
    At Chanel Vancouver. If you want details I can give you my sweet SA contact
  10. thanks for the info ladies, but i prefer to get it from a US chanel boutique.
    if you see it, plese let me know.
  11. thanks cittabella and wickenassin.

    me_love_purse, i hope you get the bag soon too! Is grey or black your preference?
  12. yeah... i prefer grey or black....
    i dont like the bronze or the patent leather. unless there are other colors out there...???
  13. me_love_purse, the 05 reissue came in white, black and grey.
    now the reissue style comes in an off white and burgundy, and i believe silver for the upcoming cruise collection.
  14. is the silver one patent leather?