What are the odds that I Find a fendi spy for...

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  1. under 1500.....its ok if its used.....i dont like the full zucca print .....but I dont mind the leather/zucca one......

    what do you think the odds are ????? R U GETTING RID OF YOURS!:lol: ?!?!?!??! heheheh

    if u come across any authentic ones on ebay or anywhere that will ship to CAnada..........please pm me i dont want to take the chance by using my own judgement since Fendi isn't my specialty........thank you!!
  2. I read from TFS Spy forum that Black Spy's sold at Sam's Club for $1299 or $1699 (can't remember whether it's 1299 or 1699). It was also available at Costco.com for $1899.

    With F&F events at various department stores, Spy can be purchased at 20% off (about 1660+tax).