What are the odds of finding an Ink City or Twiggy?

  1. Other then ebay?:smile:
  2. i thought i read in another thread that someone found an ink twiggy at Saks??
  3. I also read in another thread there were Inks in various sizes (sorry, can't remember) in Barney's.
  4. i do know there was an ink box at Barneys in bev hills a little while ago.
  5. :girlsigh: Maybe I should just be happy w/ my Ink box and move on...
  6. Hey!! I think there were Ink Twiggys in Barneys Beverly Hills!! I saw them last Saturday...here's their number: 310.276.4400 (it's saved in my phone, sigh.......:love: )
  7. There was a Ink city in Matches (London) on the sale a little while ago
  8. Ink City is very hard to find ... but may still be possible because both Peanut and I got ours within the last month at NMs in NJ (Short Hills & Paramus, I think). We found ours thanks to tips from PF members. I had called around to just about every NM in the U.S. before finding out about the one in Short Hills, though.
  9. that's correct fiat!
  10. I just saw that one! Looks beautiful. She has the "best offer" option too!
  11. i just got an ink twiggy myself, so i don't think it's impossible to find YET. i have a feeling the inks will be one of the rare colors in a year or two.
  12. Where did you get the Twiggy? Which Cornflower are you looking for?