what are the numbers on the inside tag?

  1. please indulge in my complete ignorance..... but what do the numbers mean on the mulberry plate on the inside of the bags?

    l.v have something similar i.e refers to date bag was made... is it along those same lines? thank you!!

    x x x:smile:
  2. Hahaha!! Hello honey!!! The numbers actually don't really refer to anything anymore,some bags have them some don't,don't worry!! A couple of mine do,the others don't,the other ladies on here will say the same thing too.

    Btw,what bag have you got please share!! Its a requirement on this forum,as well as a sturdy sense of humour!! Welcome to the Mulberry Madness and the white knuckle ride!!xxx
  3. I agree. It is complete madness, but some of my bags have serial numbers and some don't.
    Keeps us on our toes!
  4. They mean nothing!!! pointless huh?!!!!
  5. ha ha ha ha! :roflmfao:

    now i feel silly! i was browsing through eBay and seen a picture of a bag with this 'tag number' and thought 'hmmmmmmmmmmm.....' and found mine has it also and i didnt know what it meant!

    surely it must mean something if they put it there!? :confused1: