What are the new vernis colours for 2008?

  1. ;) Just wondering what are the new colours for the vernis collection? Any blue? Anyone have pics?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. I want to know too!
  3. I saw it in the Ultimate travel bag I think. It's so gorgeous. And i'm crazy for purple.
  4. So far we onlt know that a purple hue is coming out called "Violette"
  5. Does anyone know what styles the Violette is coming in?
  6. Violette for sure

    rumorers about: Black,blue and Grey since they'll be releasing Grey inclusion items ..
  7. Don't know if I'll like grey. Makes me think of something faded right now.
  8. i would love grey for change .. NO offense but im sickkkkk of the same color being introduced in different shades ( Violette/amarante) .. (Red, POmme) .. ( framboise,fushia) etc etc etc
  9. i only know violette... would love to see if there are any other colours too!
  10. I really hope Grey and blue :smile:
  11. Oh!!! I wish there were blue~
  12. I would be all over the violette and the grey would be an interesting change!
  13. A blue one would be nice.
  14. This! :yahoo: :yahoo::wlae: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo:



    Can you tell I love it?
  15. It looks like a rosy purple. Not bad. I wonder why they always release colors in the same color family one after another rather than have variety. I mean Amarante, Pomme, Framboise ..... all in the same pink/ purple range and there were so many more before these.