What are the new Jumbo colors for s/s and f/w 2010?

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  1. Hi,
    I hope this is not a repost, If it is please mod, feel free to close it down.
    I am a long time Jumbo lovers:biggrin:, the fact that the price is now $3000 for caviar, is in fact saddening...BUT if the colors are super magical than it maybe worth-it, regardless the lower quality on those bags (knock on wood).

    Any of you ladies know what colors are going to be available for Jumbos, especially caviar? I heard that there will be TDF Mischa Barton's purple available, but if you ladies could jot down all the fresh infos from SAs, that would be greatly appreciated!:yahoo::yahoo:

  2. oooo what did i miss? has a tdf purple been established?? fingers crossed! otherwise, sorry can't help...

  3. there's a wuss somewhere in this forum, I forgot. waiting for other ladies to chip in
  4. Where did you hear this from? I don't think this was ever confirmed. Hmm... :thinking:
  5. here's what I've heard so far for jumbos:

    beige lamb

    ivory and salmon (not sure what skin)

    black and gold (both patent)
  6. gold patent...interesting!
  7. oohohoohoh.... the purple, I think I misheard... so no purple huh...
    probably there's a lady looking for one and I assume it will appear this season..
    Are you sure there will be a salmon? the orangey salmon we used to have?
    I hope it will be in caviar...
  8. hmmmmmmmmmmmm backing off the bright colors for... is this fall you are saying these colors are for? well then i hope they do fashion's night out again and offer purple because id' be all over that this time!!!!
  9. omg mischas purple was to die for!
  10. Purple seems to be a very sought after color! I would like to see what this gold patent is going to look like! Are they coming out with new metallic colors?
  11. what's TDF Mischa Barton's purple look like??and will salmon come in mid?
    i heard about chocolate will come in jumbo!
  12. Anyone know if a dark gray will be coming out for this f/w season?
  13. i wish they would come back with a structured pink!!
  14. This is what it looks like, such a DYNAMITE

    Attached Files:

  15. I think I saw the same purple bag in Portland Nordies. It was medium double flap with silver hardware. I know you are asking about Jumbo, but thought maybe somebody might be interested. Of course now the price is higher. :biggrin:
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