what are the new fall colors for the paddy??

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  1. hey pf members!

    do any of you know what the colors for fall will be?

    ive heard about a gris and muscade or nutmeg coming out but have no idea what they actually look like.

    does anyone know what the complete list is and please post pics if you have them!!!

    are they also coming out with a new beige color - i heard it was craire (i think) but wasnt that kinda like a off-white color that chloe had before.

    i saw something on aloharag on the pocket paddy that they called cream and i am loving that color!!! im thinking either the charcoal/gris or to go with the taupe or the new cream on aloharag.

    any kind of help would be appreciated. thanks so much!!:love: :love: :love:
  2. Check out the LVR site:

    luisaviaroma.com ::: shopping online

    The castor translates to be Beaver colored :smile:
    The muscade is nutmeg
    The mastic is putty
    The rouge is my favorite :heart: lipstick red

    Happy choosing!! :yes:
  3. Castor and Muscade seem similar to me.. anyone know the difference?
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