what are the names of these blue colors?

  1. Can you please identify the names of the blue shades marked with A,B, and C and which year they are from?

  2. A- teal s/s 05
    B- Blue India f/w 06
    C- sky Blue s/s 05

    (my best guesses)
  3. 05 Navy, teal and a not so representative picture of sky blue?
  4. I agree!:yes:
  5. A=05 teal
    B=06 blue india
    C=03 blue

  6. That's what I think too:smile:
  7. fyi, i'm no color expert -- i deduced the colors by matching the atelier naff watermark on the color wheel to the swatches posted on her site (since she used those swatches to create the wheel). the markings on the "C" swatch match those for 03 blue, not sky blue. but we can wait for lp to come back from vacation to confirm.:smile:
  8. D is for the blue 03 with silver hardware because i had one :p