what are the names for these cambon bags

  1. [​IMG]



    could someone please tell me the names of these 3 bags and the prices :smile: thank so much!!
  2. Thats a medium Cambon Bowler.
  3. The cambon bowler and mini bowler bags. Love #1!
  4. is the 1st one the mini bowler?
    2nd & 3rd are both cambon bowlers (is it called the cambon bowler or do they have diff. sizes like the totes)?

    how much is the bowler? :smile:
  5. I think that is it...the mini and the medium...I am not sure how much the mini costs, but the medium bowler is $1395.

    That mini is too cute!!!
  6. The mini is about $1100. Not much less than the regular size bowler.
  7. awww the mini bowler is SOO cute!!

    These pictures make me love the bowler so much more... maybe I can justify two bowlers in different combos ;)
  8. Mini and Medium Bowlers! I would looove the Medium size
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