what are the most useful Hermes SLGs?

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  1. hi all :wave: just beginning to explore the world of H... I am traveling to Madrid and Paris in a few months from the U.S. and wish to take advantage of the lower prices by picking up a small item or 2. I'm wondering what the most useful Hermes SLGs are. (the Bastia looks very cute, but unsure of how useful it might be with just that one snap compartment.) what are your favorite Hermes SLGs, and what do you use them for?
  2. I love my Calvis. I use them as business card cases- one side has my cards and I use the other side to collect cards I receive. Super useful.
  3. Calvi and Bastias. My Bastias are much used and loved—for money, coins, pills, floss, hairbands, really anything. I could never have too many Bastias, I'm realizing.
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  4. Calvi. I use my Calvi everyday.
  5. Calvi. I use mine as an everyday compact wallet. Cards in one side, cash in the other.
  6. I love my Calvi!!!
  7. Love both Calvi and Bastia, but if you need one thing that's fairly small and does it all, try the silkin compact wallet. Love mine!
  8. Calvi and compact Silkin.
  9. Calvi, I have 4 of them and I'm not done [emoji6].
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  10. Calvi! I fold some bills (US dollars) in half and keep them on one side and put credit cards and drivers license in the other side when using clutches or lightening my load when I'm traveling.
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  11. I have both a calvi and bastia and love them both. The bastia I actually use for a flash drive, extra set of collar stays, and extra set of cufflinks. The calvi is great but you don't want to stuff them too full because then they don't work as well (which is why collecting more than 1 can be fun). I personally love my azap wallet and find it useful every day.
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    Great thread!! Would love to hear thoughts on the envelope trio. Is it still available?
  13. Another vote for Calvi.
  14. Calvi . I need a second but am holding out for Bamboo …….
  15. Anything you need daily or frequently are all useful imo
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