What are the Most Sensual Handbag Fabrics?

  1. We focus so much on the Visual, that the sensuality of touch-ability often gets lost.

    What are your favorite TOUCH fabrics for handbags for purses or totes? :heart:

    Do you have a seasonal preference?
  2. Hands down, my favourite material is lambskin. Sooooo soft and cloudy and soft and beautiful. Mmmmmm :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. I Looove smooth, supple leather.. like that on my bbag. It's amazing and I can't stop petting her!
  4. This may be silly, but I LOVE velvet handbags. If only they were a bit more durable!

    Other than that, any nice, soft leather that's smooshy.
  5. Lambskin. Too bad it can get scratched easily.

    No offense, but there's something I can't stand about suede or velvet.

    Satin is a sensual fabric in general, but it's not very practical because it's hard to clean.
  6. Yup, lambskin or nappa leather. I love the feel of my coffer and my spy. :heart:
  7. I had to laugh when I saw the title to this thread. It reminded me of this Seinfeld episode:

    "is that pastrami?"
    "why yes, I find it the most sensual of all the cured meats."


    oh and I think smooth cushy leather is the most sensual!
  8. LOL :roflmfao:

    I say... fur, but I can't own anything made from fur without killing my conscience. If I ever wanted to feel anything made from fur, I just pat my dog :smile:.