What are the most Rare BBag colors?

  1. Which are the top three rarest colors, in your opinion? In other words, if you had ALL the Balenciaga colors, and had to choose 3 to place in a collector's glass case of sorts, which ones would you pick?

    It'd be fun to hear from everyone. I know seafoam will appear more often than not, but my personal top three rare gems are:

    1. Eggplant
    2. Teal
    3. Turquoise ('05)
  2. Definitely the first season flat brass le dix.. the bag is like a work of art, and is a true collector's item -- since it is the first debut of this bag, in my opinion it will only increase in value, and become a true collectible in years to come.

    Also, the 2003 emerald - I haven't seen another one pop up in a while, yet......

    I would say as for rare bags (ie: hard to find and most wanted), the flat brass, the 2003's, and the '04's for the most part are the hardest to find -- because Balenciaga did not make as many bags back then, and they were very hard to find when available, and are even harder to find now that they are discontinued.
  3. I'd go for.. all the 2003 colors with silver hardware. I love them and they're really rare.. especially 2003 lilac.
  4. ^ Agree with mlert, the 03 lilac. The dark olive flat hardware.:cry: Pistachio.

    There's a difference between rare and desirable though, no? I mean, I'd argue that 05 turquoise is a desirable color, but it's not terribly rare - I've seen quite a few pass through eBay.
  5. ^ yes, you said it much better than me! Rare and desirable are very different.

    ...if we're saying desirable (and these are still rare):
    '04 Turquoise
    Red, emerald, caramel, lilac '03
    Lilac '04
    flat brass......

    those are just a few that are off the top of my head.
    and 2002's of course...

    basically, like I said before - anything prior to '05 :smile: (with a few '05's thrown into the mix that are desirable: turquoise '05, apple, magenta)
  6. Seafoam
    04 Turq
  7. 03 red
    03 emerald
    03 lilac

    Are probably the rarest i think.
  8. IMHO the apple green ONLY because I can't find one :Push:
  9. hmmmm, well the ones I want the most are the
    original le dix, flat brass black
    red 03

    I'd prefer the first sizes, but I understand that I can't be too choosey with older bags ;)
  10. I think the 03 yellow is super rare.
    I have yet to see a pic of a bag in this colour (I would love to, BTW)!

    Most desirable to me are:
    Pistachio, eggplant, teal :smile:
  11. I didn't realize eggplant was so rare! I had a beautiful eggplant mini B bag, but sold it a while ago!:cry:

    I still miss it terribly!
  12. My opinion:
    03 Lilac
    04 Seafoam
    04 Eggplant
    04 Pistachio

    I don't think it is considered rare - but I've been hunting for an 05 Indigo for quite some time with no luck!
  13. I don't think it is considered rare - but I've been hunting for an 05 Indigo for quite some time with no luck![/quote]

    I was just going to add a couple of my babies that I consider rare and hard to find:
    05 indigo
    05 apple green
  14. oh no, that's so sad chihuahuaqueen :cry:
  15. My opinion is similar Mimi's:
    '02 le dix first in black
    '03 caramel city
    '03 lilac city ..... aso. ! :rolleyes: