What are the most practical and classic Chanel bags?

  1. I am looking for the perfect everyday or practical, yet classic purse?

  2. Caviar medallion tote.
  3. How much does this purse cost?
  4. Around $1700 before tax.
  5. The small quilted caviar tote or if you need to carry a lot, the grand shopper.
  6. I agree with the small caviar tote bag (with zipper). You can carry many things in it.
  7. I think the Grand Shopping Tote. It's in caviar like the Medallion but quite a bit bigger and easier to get in and out of. . . and they're the same price - $1650 here.
    The Medallion may be right for you though. . . or there's a few other bags that could be right for you, our needs are all so different!
    I'll post a photo of the Grand Shopper:
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1327.jpg
  8. Classic single flap caviar leather. Large/Jumbo depending on your body size.:yes:
  9. Def. shoppers or something tote but not zipped.

    medallion is zipped so I wont be as practical but pretty yes.
    The classic flaps are not practical unless you get the jumbo size (they dont fit a lot).
  10. With classic flap, you can dress up or down. It goes with both dress and jean. I don't think it looks good wearing a dress and carrying a grand shopping.

    I prefer zip closure. Imagine you sit in the airplane and your tote is wide open on the floor. :yes:

  11. Hehe You know everyone tells me I can dress my classic flap up or down but I honestly find between my classic and totes I find the totes are easier to wear on a daily basis with pants or skirts.

    Oh and I wasnt referring to grand shopping bcs I agree with you- all my stuff fly around in the car even, forget the plane. But the smaller totes or the zipped petite shopper I think is far more practical than a classic flap.
  12. I consider skirt is more casual than dress unless you put on a jacket or blazer. The small tote is a bit bigger than jumbo flap but the strap is longer and you cannot adjust the strap length. With classic bag, you can shorten the strap and it would look smaller to fit your dressy outfit :yes:

  13. chanel:
    You can adjust the straps? lol I must be silly but after having 2 classic flaps I didnt know I can adjust the straps. I mean other than carrying as double or single strap... I would love to know how to adjust it! :smile:
  14. Oh, yeah, that is easy. Open your bag. Pull the strap from the holes on two sides. Pull together and tie them up. That's it :yes:

  15. The most classic is the flap and the most practical is a tote (IMO) - so i would go for the grand shopper or something quilted, in caviar for everyday use!!