What are the most popular Louis Vuitton bags in your town/area/school?

  1. I'm asking because I've found that at my school, the Speedy is the most popular LV bag. It's impossible to take a walk through the Brooklyn College campus without seeing at least ONE girl with an LV bag! Just yesterday, I got an LV overload:

    As I was walking down the stairs, I noticed one girl walking in front of me with an MC Speedy 25, another girl with a Damier Speedy 30, and another with a Damier Azur Speedy 30 an I was in back with my Batignolles Horizontal! I was sooo proud!

    So what's the most popular LV bag in your area?
  2. Speedy, hands down.
  3. Monogram speedy
  4. mono speedy...
    you see lots of mc here too.
  5. speedy, BH. seriously!
  6. In my city:


    I am sure I am missing some of the ones I see.

    My city is all about high end bags.
  7. wow you must live in a very trendy place, I'm from CA, I see lots of monos: speedy 25/30, petite bucket, cabas piano, BH
    Once in a while I spot a MC or Damier Azur
  8. Ive seen LOTS of naviglio's, speedys, lockits and groom when shopping around manchester. In my town, there isnt much LV besides fake
  9. Speedys and Buckets!
  10. monogram speedy
  11. Mono Speedy.
  12. speedy, BH, alma
  13. I've noticed a few more BH's than usual as of late. I've noted a few Popincourt Hauts too. Unfortunately I see a lot of MC fakes to go along with the others.
  14. I have seen speedys and BH's.
  15. Speedies...although the majority of them here are all fake :throwup: