What are the most important elements in a handbag?

  1. What do you look for in a handbag?
  2. i'm looking for quality, material & style. lately, i add maintenance difficulties to the category, because i'm a lazy person :P
  3. Looks first (that is what will initally attract me)
    Texture (it has to FEEL good)
    Size (right now I am in big bag mode)
    Interior (a floral pattern or stripes on the inside is an utter turn off)
    Brand/Quality (I put my bags through alot and I need to know that it will stand up to the abuse)
    Price (I only have so much money at my disposal at one time)
  4. I'm a bag feeler. Soft leather makes me weak in the knees.:P Then shape, color, comfort in carrying come into play.
  5. Easy in/out is the first thing - then quality/lining. Lastly would be size.
  6. quality, size, style, & price are my main things I look for in a bag.
  7. for me it's beauty! :yahoo:
  8. Yes! This is definitely another factor - How easy is it to access my items on the inside of the bag. This is one of the reasons I am loving all my large bags.
  9. Style, color, size, quality, features, practicality.

    I am a sucker for bags that can be both handheld and shoulder, for purple bags, for bags with protective feet on the bottom, for bags with a place to clip your keys inside, for bags with cell phone and multi-function slide pockets in the lining, for bags that close definitively (hate open tops but will compromise if the bag is otherwise perfect).

    I'll take a cute and practical Target bag over a fugly and high-maintenance designer bag....and have, many times. :smile: But my heart will always belong to Coach and LV.
  10. Grope-ability. Does it feel good in my hands when I grope it....yes, I am still talking about leather here. If it feels good, looks good and the quality is there, then I judge it by weight. Me likey the lightweight bags.
  11. The bag as a whole first - if it catches my eye. I then move on to details like size and material.
  12. Ooh, I forgot one of my newest criteria: weight. Although I guess that could fall under practicality.

    I've all but given up on most MJ, Michael by MK and Cole Haan leather bags because they are just so damn heavy. If it has heft when all that's inside is stuffing, then no way can I carry it around for more than a few hours a day. There's something to be said for nice looking lightweight materials, and the older I get, the more it matters to me.
  13. I look at hardware because that catches my eye first and foremost and can be the defining pieces of the bag.

    Shape of the bag is a key factor too.

    easy access is a good thing.

    Quality/texture of the leather..
  14. Overall looks are the most important thing to me. I like details, too -- don't care for a plain, no-frills purse.

    If something catches my eye, then the interior is what I look at next. Like nicely lined bags but as someone else mentioned, a pattern on the inside will make me put it back on the shelf. I love (but not necessary to have) a cell phone pocket inside along with a roomy zip pocket.

    Next important is rummaging room! I have to be able to put stuff in and out without having a specific spot for it.

    If it's a shoulder bag, the minimum drop I want is 10" -- anything else is way too short.

    Other things are color, material, weight and zip tops. Zip tops aren't necessary but they're nice.

    I love LV the most! But I've gotten picky about them, too...

    One of my favorite bags is a Fossil bag I got at TJMaxx a few months back! Just a big ol' tote bag.

    I really didn't think I was that picky until I started typing! :P
  15. Style, size, practicality, and price. The dealbreaker is almost always the price.