What are the littlest things that make you happy?

  1. seeing a ladybug on one of my plants
  2. when the husband does something around the house without being asked
  3. the frog in my garden who thinks if he keeps VERY still, I won't see him.
  4. pretty spider webs
  5. When my incredibly timid cat lets me stroke her :catlick:
  6. Seeing the Good Year blimp fly around my home area. I call him Blimpy!
  7. Long bubble baths..
  8. Good hair days!
    Randomly catching the smell of my perfume
  9. my dogs tiny tail , I love when he sees me and it starts to wag
  10. Ds's guinea pig is squealing at me whenever I walk by. I know she's just wanting food, but her vocalizations are SO cute.
  11. When my cat starts purring :smile:
  12. long walks on a summers night
  13. Rainy & cool nights.
  14. Being in a mall.
  15. My guitar.I love my guitar!