What are the limited editions?

  1. How do you know if a style is a limited addition or not? For example is the onatah leather limited or will it be staying around? I would like a new LV, but would like a limited edition. Please help.
  2. I am pretty sure bags like the Cuir Onatah are limited and when they're all sold out, no more will be produced... Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  3. sounds about right. With the Onatah for example, when it came out in the other material i thought for sure that would be it, but then they released the leather versions which are GORGEOUS! perhpas they will keep this collection but add to it with new styles or colors? but who's to know?
  4. dumb question, but is 'discontinued' the same as 'le'?
  5. i think LE applies to a limited production piece, don't last around that long, and discontinued pieces can be sold for years, such as Vernis's discontinued colors; they aren't LE at all, but become discontinued b/c LV stop producing it.
  6. yup, I agree! eg. Montreal still has several indigo and red items (and quite a lot of the mandarin epi pieces)
  7. ^ thank you both- i really appreciate the info!
  8. But, What are the limited editions they have out now? Not the discontinued.