What are the IT boots this season?

  1. First UGGS (:shame: I still get new ones every year, even if they're "out"), Mukluks, Cowboy boots....whats next?

    Anyone know the new it boot for this fall/winter??
  2. i'm not sure that any one brand is the 'it' boot for this season..but i DO know that ankle boots with super tall chunky heels are all the rage this season! i'm aiming for a pair in chocolate brown and black..if you can afford it, go for a pair in 'exotic leather' like snakeskin or crocodile...they'll look so hot with this season's pencil skirts or sweater dresses (and leggings!)
  3. Seems that patent leather boots are in..
    (they just remind me of hooker boots)
  4. ankle boots
  5. ^ i second that. definitely ankle boots!