What are the instantly recognisable Chanel symbols?

  1. To me the CC logo, the camellia and the No.5 bottle perfume bottle, do you know any other instantly recognisable Chanel symbols?.......is the four leaf clover one?
  2. Not a symbol. but when my DH sees something that's quilted, he immediately assumes it is Chanel. So for a man to pick up on that, I'd say the quilting is pretty definitive.
  3. i also think tweed
  4. the diamond quilting / stitching, flap rectangular bags, the traditional leather weave through chains, bags shaped like the cabas, black and white monochrome chic, simple, clean cut style especially the LBD and not to mention (obviously lol) the CC logo, no. 5, camellias and tweed ;)
  5. I don't really associate the four leaf clover with chanel - that is more lv to me. What the others have already posted I agree with and when I see a woman dressed in black with white pearls - I always think Coco ...
  6. A chanel suit and the chain straps
  7. Long, long strands of pearls, many pairs worn at once. I do believe this is a look Coco made famous!
  8. tweed, diamond stitched, quilt, leather chain
  9. quilting, black and white combo, chains (as on 255's), tweed, pearls, No. 5, capped-shoes
  10. also two tone shoes.
  11. Besides all the above you guys have already mentioned there's one more thing too hehe!:graucho: :...Well,not a thing exactly but something introduced by Coco Chanel which became such a trend: SUNTANNING!;)
  12. of course I mean SUNTAN lol!:lecture:
  13. the diamond quilting, weaved leather chain, flap bag, tweed, no.5, CC logo, pearls.

  14. well if we're going that way, then you also need to include - little black dress, the bob haircut, irridescent pigments in makeup (chanel was the first), ephemeres (limited edition products - again, chanel was the first), sportswear for women

    there's others i cant remember right now to