What are the HOT mani/pedi colors right now?

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  1. I remember the OPI russian navy trend from last year - but I've been sort of out of this and just using old bottles of what I have. So tell me ladies - what's the hot bottle to have now?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I am really loving Essie - Flirty Fushia. It's new this summer from the neon collection. :sunnies I have it on my toes right now. :drinkup: It's way brighter IRL, but it's the most toned down of the collection.

  3. I love the Chanel new fall collection - Gondola!!
  4. For right now ie) summer corals and white are big. The whites are gently frosted but meant to be opaque. The corals, pretty cremes.

    For fall coming; cremes in clearer colors than we have been seeing. So less of the "muddy" toned greys and purples and a return to truer shades of purple (think royal purple) and fuschia. Still seeing some black-based color. Though moving from blackish purple to blackish green (yep) and very dark reds.
  5. ^ And matte. Matte will be big for fall either by use of a matte top coat or the new matte shades.
  6. Who makes a matte topcoat? I have seen a few magazines that Matte will be huge for fall.
  7. I thought about getting this but the color kind of scared me off! :smile:
  8. Essie is supposed to be releasing a matte top coat: Matte About You. I heard the date is some time in August. I can't wait to try it!
  9. ^ I just bought the matte top coat from KO (short for knockout) at henri bendel - it is awesome! you can get it online too.
  10. On your toes it's not as in-your-face. Especially if you have a tan, the color looks awesome!
  11. Mint green!
  12. ^^I absolutely CANNOT wait for Chanel's mint green release!!!
  13. ^^Thank you. :flowers: good tips!
  14. Sounds perfect hopefully I can order online and than my family can bring it to me in Greece when they come to visit in the end of August.
  15. Can you recommend a coral? I've been wearing Essie's Punchy Pink for a little bit and I'm in the mood to trade in the neon pink for a pretty coral.