what are the Hermes stores in the NY area like?

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  1. I've been reading all of the wonderful info about Birkins and plan to own one....someday! In the meantime I'd love to peek into the store--but must admit I am intimidated!

    I'd loooove to establish a relationship with an SA but since all I want from Hermes is The Birkin I don't think I'll be dropping mega bucks beforehand. What would be a good strategy when I'm ready to buy--visit the store every few weeks and hope for the best? I think finding a Birkin might be harder than finding a husband!
  2. Hi there, it's really not bad! do not be in any way intimidated, everyone is nice, the SA's just get tierd of everyone allways asking for the birkins, so maybe do not bring it up as the first question, warm them up by looking at some scarf or charm, or another bag first, and if you are patient and lucky, you will have your dream birkin!:flowers:
  3. hmm.......not buying anything at Hermes greatly diminishes your chances of getting a Birkin- most stores/ SA's would rather have it go to a loyal, frequent customer.
  4. Sorry to say, but I have to agree here. I've had 3 different SAs tell me that they're really happy when customers ask about Hermes items other than Birkins or Kellys. The demand for Birkins is so high that the SAs can pick and choose who gets to order, and even for unexpected Birkin deliveries, they'd much rather keep them off the shelves and call their VIPs. However, I've seen Birkins on the shelves, and those are up for grabs. You up your chances of getting these by visiting your local store frequently, at LEAST once a month.
  5. Agree with everyone above. I'm in the NYC store once a week, and yes, I'm classified as a regular. It helps not to look desperate for a Birkin. I was in there for 4 weeks in a row and never once asked for a Birkin. I bought a lot of other things in the meantime, so my SA started asking me if I wanted one. After turning the first one down (didn't even look at it), they were practically throwing them at me. I turned down six (yes, you read that right) before I finally took the plunge. I had posted on another thread that this store is very discrete. A customer comes in every 5 minutes asking for a Birkin, so if you ask for one aloud they will not say yes to you and risk having the entire floor of customers riot. Once you become a regular ask instead "Do you have anything special?" or "Do you have anything else?" It's code for a Birkin. Also, try to get chummy with one SA in particular, your loyalty will be rewarded. Hermes doesn't want a fly-by-night customer, but wants customers that are loyal and passionate about their product.
  6. ^^ Ditto Hermesgroupie. With EVERYTHING you said! :amuse:
  7. Sorry, Lulu, it's a song and dance to get a Birkin in that store, but once you're in, you're set. They get the most stock and after a while, you get to pick and choose your Birkin.
  8. Absolutely - actually most stores are like this.
  9. hermesgroupie, ditto for just about every Hermes store! ;)
  10. wow thanks for all your insight! of course it makes sense, Hermes would NEVER have a problem selling a Birkin, why show them to whomever walks into the store?

    makes me want one even more! guess I'd better start thinking about pre-birkin hermes acquisitions
  11. Thanks for asking this question, callmelulu. And thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who have responded. I am in NYC and I've been wondering the same thing as well. I'm seriously contemplating either a Birkin or Kelly purchase, and am glad I now know that I should not just drop by and go straight for the big one. I better start studying up on other Hermes items.
  12. I agree 100% with everyone else. I went to the NYC store back in April and made the mistake of asking for a birkin. She said they didn't have any at first, but later I saw one being examined by another woman. That was my first time going into the store. On the flip side, I have bought several items from the Atlanta boutique and in May I was offered a birkin. If you aren't planning to make other purchases, you are going to have a hard time getting a birkin. Besides, if you explore more into Hermes and what it has to offer, you might find that you WANT to purchase more thna a birkin. I don't know anyone who can resist their scarves!
  13. agree splendidly with all the ladies
    well said, ladies...well said.
    i too am a nyc Hgirl but apx once every 8 weeks (haircut and a trip to H.) it is delightful!!!!! whether i buy something or not...i need to grow my H fund but the silks are jsut irresistable (sp)
    it is the one item i have more of, than anything else in my wardrobe!!!!
  14. Oh Lulu ~ Don't Be Intimitated (I Know It's Easier Said Than Done)...NY Is NY. I Love Going Into Every Hermes Boutique I Can Get Near...I've Been Lucky & Have Very Nice SA's...There's An Occasional, Not Happy One. But's It's Not My Problem. I Don't Let It Get Me Down....I Just Keep Shopping!.........I Do Agree With What The Ladies Said Above...Especially, With Hermes Not Wanting "Fly-By-Night" Customers. That Is Also In Any High End Sales...Know Any Investment Brokers? :smile:

    Lulu ~ If You Ever Want Someone To Go With....My Business Is Out Of Manhattan...I Am Always There (I Am In NY Right Now....But, In The Hamptons!)....& Love Going! :smile:
  15. ok here is my honest advise!
    if you really just want a birkin and you just buy things to establish a relationship with the sa but in reality you do not like need or whatsoever these things you´ll be better off when you save the money you have to spend at hermès in order to to get a birkin and directly buy one off ebay. the money you save for buying "unwanted" things at hermès should cover the markup easily