what are the handles stitched with?

  1. yeah, yeah, that's a horrible sentence, but it gets the message across :p

    i have a grenat day sitting in front of me, and i'm trying to figure out if a non-leather lace woven through the handle means the bag i bought is fake. my memory may be failing me, but i thought someone once said the handles are whipstitched with leather laces.

    can an expert weigh in? thanks so much :heart:
  2. NO, they're not leather laces. They're like some sort of a thick string. Hey, don't freak me out here! Does that mean all of my bbags are fake too? :roflmfao:

  3. whew. thanks so much for setting my mind at ease!
  4. To me they're like painted shoelaces;) .
  5. Oh ya... they're nice, thick, and colorful! :yes:
  6. There was misinformation floating around for a long time that the laces were some kind of leather or suede, but I don't think they ever have been. It's just some kind of woven string. Not very glamorous. ;)
  7. Doesn't sound very glamorous at all... :s
  8. yeah, they're def. not leather :roflmfao:
  9. OK I actually heaved a sigh of relief....
  10. thanks, seriously I never noticed.. but it gives the handles a nice touch~!