What are the guys carrying?

  1. Hey there,

    Seems like every style and print are popular with the ladies, but what's popular with the guys in terms of tokidoki lesportsac stuff?

    Are the guys only into the denaros? Or other stuff too? So far I've only seen girls carrying the bags in public, but I know there are guys out there too.
  2. there is a guy on here, Reynoldc..he carries a beautiful TUTTI BV to school. He totally rocks it! I know some guys who uses the denaros and my hubby doesn't mind holding my bags.
  3. There's also some pictures on Flickr of a guy who is using an Inferno Canguro as a sort of sling bag over his back.

    I once saw a guy using a Citta Rosa Gioco and a matching hot pink shirt, but that was a lot to take on in one go.
  4. my classmate who's a guy carried an inferno cucciolo, A.S. campeggio and toki shirts :smile:
  5. I think guys would look cool rocking inferno and adios star campeggios and ciao ciaos... but I haven't seen any. I've never even seen a girl carrying a real toki yet around here...
  6. I saw an older man at the airport once with a Pirata Trenino ... but he may have been carrying it for his wife or something ... haha