What are the fake serial numbers used on bbags?

  1. Just bought another motorcycle (from Neiman Marcus), but the last three numbers of the serial are in repetition - so im kind of worried. :sad:

    i thought i saw a post on the purseblog stating what numbers fakers use on their purses.

    does anyone know the serial # of the fake motorcycle or any balenciaga bags?

  2. Hi Clever - welcome!

    NM is an authorized seller of bbags, so I wouldn't be worried. also, some of the authentic serial numbers are repetitive- again wouldn't be worried.

    do you have pics of your serial numbers to share if you'd like further verification?
  3. no pics as of yet. Neiman Marcus is a reputable buyer, yes. but the reason why im worried is that the sales lady told me she has a client that buys up all the bbags when they arrive to show to her friend. and if her friend doesn't approve, she simply returns them. this bag was a return.

    is it possible that she is returning a fake? the bag looks real - seamless. but it smells kinda funny (maybe its the new leather they use?!) and the serial number ends in #444.
  4. Post a photo of the bag on the "Authentic this" thread at the top of the forum, and the girls can help you....hard to discuss something we
    can not see..
  5. aHA!

    Evidently for the city, fake serial numbers end in 3555 and 3666, not 3444 according to ateliernaff.blogspot.com

    Tons of great info too. i am now convinced that my bag is REAL.

    *Exhales... :roflmfao:
  6. Just to clarify - 3555 and 3666 are fake numbers - but 3444 is a number that's used for both real and fake bags. Don't want to worry you unnecessarily, clever, because the chances that someone returned a fake are pretty slim. I write ateliernaff so I just wanna be sure it's clear... 3444 doesn't guarantee a bag is authentic, but it is a valid number.
  7. Way to put a damper on my evening. =P

    Thanks for the tip though, I just emailed ateliernaff, hopefully she'll shed some light.
  8. ^^ She just did - LP is ateliernaff. ;)

    My City's serial number ends 3444, so I wouldn't panic too much about it. Does everything else - bales, o-rings, stitching, hardware etc - check out? If the number was your only concern, then chances are its real.