What are the Dior outlets like?

  1. This may be a dumb question from a newbie, but I've never been to an outlet before, let alone a high-end designer's outlet...I'm thinking of making a trip up to Woodbury Commons next weekend, and I was just wondering, do the Dior outlets have nice stuff and do they usually have bags? Or do the bags not really make it to the outlets?

  2. I've been to the Dior Outlet in Palm Springs and surprisingly they had some nice items. More clothes than bags though =)
  3. I have frequented the DIOR outlet at Woodbury Commons in NY. In 6 years I've only bought one thing. So, its usually been miss for me except for the one bag I bought. They always have lots of clothes, shoes and scarfs.
  4. Are there alot of Dior outlets? Where can I find out the locations.
  5. I only see two listed here, in Cabazon, CA, and Woodbury in upstate NY.

    I searched for "Dior"
  6. I've been to the one in Cabazon, CA twice and both times I ended up with bags (two the first time and one the most recent time).

    The bags are 50% off retail and sometimes there's additional markdowns as well. They had a couple of lines each time I went and the selection is pretty good if you're looking for past season stuff. You can always call in advance to see what they have.
  7. I always go to the Dior outlet in Woodbury whenever I am there (which is way too often, BTW), but never find any handbags I want. The Dior bags that I love just never make it there (i.e., they sell out at retail). They have a decent amount of handbags there, just never seem to be anything interesting. That's just me though, so it is definitely worth a visit.
  8. Does anyone know if they're currently selling any Dior D'Trick handbags at the outlet? TIA
  9. Has anyone seen the Dior "Ballerina" bag in any of the outlets?

    I've been desperatly seeking that bag for over a year now and would love to get my hands on one...
  10. I am going to the Cabazon one in a couple days so I will let you know
  11. Is this the one that xcrosses in the front with the satin ribbon? I saw the big black and pink one at the Cabazon outlet last time I went but I don't recall seeing the evening size one.

    I'll let you know at the end of next week
  12. I'd give the Cabazon outlet a call. They're nice and should be willing to work with you over the phone. And I think they can ship items to you--but they probably do not allow returns. But if there's a specific bag that you're looking for, it's a good way to go. Plus the prices are great!
  13. AHHH JEN! YES! The one I'm looking for is all satin, I think there was a variation with satin and lether mixed together too:yucky: . There was a pink!

    If you don't mind, could you check out the different sizes and prices, when/if you go?? THANKS!!!:heart: :heart:
  14. :yahoo: thank you so much mello_yello_jen i appreaciate your help. If there are any, could you please just make a note of their prices as well?
    Thanks so much again!!!!
  15. MissV was just wondering about Dior outlets.