What are the different timeless clutch colors?

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  1. hi guys- i have no chanel bags ( am hoping to get my first soon) in any case i was wondering waht colors there are of the timeless clutch? i would REALLY like one as i think its very understated and classic, i would most probably get one in black but owuld like to know what other colors are available

  2. Hi, the colors I have seen so far are black, red, white, ivory and blue.
  3. i've also seen violet
  4. Also comes in black PATENT (maybe other patent colors too)?
  5. I have not seen the blue but I recently saw a black satin one, that was incredibly glamourous!!!
    Want one so bad but have to be good and wait till Christmas.
  6. no pinks?

    i think i would like the balck.. ooo satin sounds nice too
  7. Sounds gorgeous! :nuts:

    I do know the clutch is available in lambskin, perforated and caviar leather.
  8. it comes in satin ? :nuts: anyone here has the satin clutch ? :heart: timeless clutch comes in black, white, cream, red, blue and violet.
  9. I saw a satin one a few weeks back and it was absolutely stunning!
  10. Yeah there are pinks like a salmon pink from what I've seen it extremely pretty!
  11. THERES A PINK?? timieless clutch?? anyone have a pic?
  12. we need a visual on the pink!
  13. I've never seen a pink timeless clutch. These are the one's I've seen.

    Caviar: black, red, white, navy

    lambskin: black, red, cream, navy

    patent: black, navy

    perforated: black, red, white, blue
  14. I'd like to see a pink clutch as well. If there is one available, it must be very pretty.
  15. Anyone have a pic of the satin??