What are the differences btwn Outlet products vs. Flagship?

  1. I have never really noticed MK until recently; while walking through Macy's, the Sloan shoulder bag caught my eye. I've have been obsessed with this bag since and looking at a few other MK styles. The Hamilton and a zippy long wallet are to be my next MK purchases.

    While I find a great selection of MK in my city, I also live near an Outlet amd I thought I'd give it shot before I purchased at the department store. I went yesterday and to be honest, the outlet version of the Hamilton didn't dazzle me like the one at the department store. I don't know if it was the hardware, or what. :shrugs: The outlet did carry a lot of colors, which I didn't see at the department store, plus they had a TON of wallets, including the aqua zippy which I am obsessing over.

    But I'm left wondering - Are all the items at the Outlet/Factory made for factory? Are factory Hamilton made different materials as the department store bag? I know they are leather, but it just didn't appear or feel as lush. I was under the impression the difference was only in the hardware. Yet I wasn't blown away by the bags as I thought I would be....I drooled buckets over the aqua Hamilton at the department store...

    Please give insight to this newbie lover of MK!
  2. Watching...want to know also :cool:
  3. I did notice one difference: I have the XL Bedford bowling satchel from the full-price store, and just bought the Kingsbury medium tote in hemp/mocha at the outlet. I clip my pens inside one of the interior pockets so I can have easy access to them, and so they won't get lost. The leather trim at the top of the pockets is considerably thicker in the full-price model, such that I can just slide the pens over it in the outlet bag, but have to use two hands to lift up the pen clip and fit it over the leather trim in the full-price bag. It doesn't bother me, though, because I love both bags!!
  4. Thank you for your reply, j'adore coach. I was hoping more gals would chime-in :sad:
  5. Yes, there are items that are made for the outlet, but the outlets do get some of the discountinued styles from the full price stores in too. (although I've heard it's not that many ???)
    And my outlet version large E/W Hamiltons' leather does have a different feel to it than my versions from MK or Macy's. But, to be honest I actually really like my outlet version (maybe even a little bit better.) It seems to hold it's shape really well and the size works so perfectly for me too. I know it doesn't have the lock but sometimes that simple streamlined look is more of what I'm going for.
    Anyway, as far as the aqua Hamilton you saw at Macy's I believe that one is made of the new saffiano leather they just came out with recently in the Hamiltons. So, that's going to definitely feel much different than the outlet version and will also feel different even from the previous full price versions of the Hamlton.

    From my experience, if there is a full price/department store MK bag that I really want, I just get it on a discount at Macy's or something instead of waiting and hoping it goes to the outlet. Sometimes I even bite the bullet and pay the full price too. I just don't hear much of fp items flowing to the outlets quickly for MK like they do with Coach.

  6. Hey Pretty City Girl, You may want to check with your local Outlet store, I spoke to a couple of stores today and they are having an additional 40% off sale. Even the Hamiltons are on sale.:woohoo:. I'm still trying to find the Quilted Hamilton in Zinnia from about 6 months ago, so from time to time I'll call a couple of store. I'm not having any luck.
  7. The outlets have styles that are made strictly for the outlet. If you ask them, they'll even tell you. And they occasionally get styles from the MK stores, but not often because the stores discount the merchandise themselves. If you ask at an MK store, or over ear a customer comparing the merchandise in the store to the outlet, you watch the employee aghast at the comparison... It's as if you just shot their puppy! Fabric & colors will vary, but most often they are not the same quality as the flagship styles.

    Outlet stores do also have styles MK's don't. But some styles, like the Jet Set Continental are priced higher at the outlet... Seriously! I wanted the white from Christmas, but MK was out, so since we were at the outlets I looked & it was $30 more... Um, no, that's not happening... Even for a girl who wanted it sooooo bad! So, I order it online.

    I always purchase at the MK store. I love the service (champagne or Fiji water), and they call whenever new styles arrive that they know we'll love. They even sent a card when the baby was born :biggrin: (thinking hubby and i spend a little too much time there, lol)

    Either way, the products are cute, fun & great for storing all your goodies :smile:
  8. I have outlet bags and FP bags and I feel they have very similar if not the same quality. The large key Hamilton is a little too large for me so I prefer the outlet medium version. I don't mind no lock because the bag is still very classy looking with the Michael Kors name plate. I also love the leather on the outlet Hamilton very thick and rich feeling. I have a black one with gold hardware.

    It depends on what you like, if you love the lock and key version on the Hamilton (I have one) then you should buy that one. They do go on sale at department stores and can be found from time to time at TJ MAXX. I like both versions.
    Hope this helps.
  9. I was wondering this too. I bought a cute pale gold sloan flap and when I googled another bag comes up that I assume was the retail bag. MK is kinda tricky to purchase because sometimes I see bags at TJ Maxx for really cheap and the outlets don't allow full returns, just exchange or store credit ONLY at MK outlet stores so if you buy it there you're stuck with it.
  10. Yes this is true and to add they also have MK boutique exclusives too. Last year I got this awesome distressed Grayson and no department store carried it. As a matter of fact I even took my new bag and wallet downstairs to the Macy's store to show the MK rep there what the distressed was like since they had not seen it in person and were not getting it. I called and spoke to a SA at MK and they told me the same info stated by HugeBaYBoy. So you can get a Grayson or Hamilton from the outlet but it will not be the exact same as the boutique or department store. They do get some of the discontinued styles as well but not much.
  11. Hi ladies...how do I find the MK stores. I have an outlet but dont know where there is a full price store. I am becoming a huge MK fan! I have loved Coach for so long and have many but Im actually really liking the MK totes! Beautiful! Thanks in advance!
  12. Use the Store Locator on the website.

  13. Typically what you see in outlets is not available in MK stores. I have seen some old style hamiltons in outlets though.

    Personally I dont think the quality is there for the price of outlet bags. Getting a MK bag on sale at macys or Nordstrom etc would be better.
  14. Or unless you are looking for a bag that came it a Season or two ago.