What are the correct names of these two S/S 2008 bags?

  1. I want these. Desperately. Does anyonw know the proper names of these 2 bags for me" (and prices or price estimates if applicable)

    - pics credited and taken from the main PIC/COMMENT S/S 2008 threads - Thanks! xoxo:heart:




    Thanks again!
  2. Gayle I don't know the names but I don't think the first one made the cut there is a similar style coming but not totally the same

    I have attatched a pic of teh bag taht will be released it won't have that plate in the corner and will also be available in a green colour with pink details

    The second one again I don't knwo the name but it's from the louis vuitton after dark line and releases in feb it should be showing in the system now or at least very soon

    hope that helps
    neon ebay bag.jpg
  3. Thank you soo much Claire..I LOVE them....i will look on vuitton.com, totally didn't think of it - figured to go here 1st :yes: :heart: YAY i can't wait to get these!! ahh!
  4. not on vuitton.com......or maybe i'm looking in the wrong place, is it called the neon bag? the 1st one? that def. will be a choice of one...i'm printing out and preparing sheets to give to my SA tomorrow =)
  5. sorry by system I meant the store computers, I have no idea what the first one's called taking pics would be your best option but the bags start releasing soon so your store should have it's lookbook by now your SA should be able to find it easy enough I think the pink one was one of the last to be released
  6. Awesome, thanks for all your infinite knowedge Claire! *hugsss*. I gave in my picture report today to my SA and am down for the 2nd one (yellow/.blue after dark abstract painted one). didn't get to see the lookbook, but she knew exactly what it was and got me waitlisted. i LOVE this bag. i think i will be getting this and hopefully that small black.red/yellow motard one if they make it :yes: im listed for the aquarelle pap in black but will have to see it 1st before going for it. the others are a done deal though! :love: :heart: :love: :heart:! thanks again xoxoxoxoxoxo.
  7. i think the second one is called monogram pulp, not sure though.
  8. pulp?!?! how on earth did they come up with that name
  9. ^because pulp is the smashed remnants of wood or fruit and that's what the finish looks like? IDK, it is rather odd :shrugs:
  10. ^^ Or maybe after the band:p
  11. In the early lookbook (mostly printouts of the runway photos) the shiny one was called Monogram Shiny. I think it's between $2700 and $3300 US.
  12. gayle, i'm so tempted to get the bonbon pochette. but the $1400 price point scares me lol.

    the second bag is the monogram pulp weekender pm. $2100 i believe.
  13. I am falling for the Mono Pulp Weekender PM!
  14. Awesome, thanks H2girl, i saw your postings the other day and am 1st on my stores waitlist for both! funny names but rockin' bags, i'm so psyched, i can't wait! anyone have a idea on a relases date? i'm gonna search it now but figured id put that out there here just in case :heart:3