What are the colors for the fall?

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  1. Hey guys! What colors are the Balenciaga bags going to come in for the fall?
  2. I am just dying to see Grenat and TRUFFLE!!!!
  3. Ooooooooooh, yes, truffle is on my watch list too. *sigh*
  4. Ooops, meant Greige, not truffle (still a beautiful colour!)
  5. I wonder how the Blue India color will compare to the Cornflower? I'm so torn between buying the cornflower NOW or waiting for the Blue India!!!
  6. Tough decision kattiepie! Love the cornflower!
  7. I'd say wait.

    It's really hard to tell what the new bags are like from such a small swatch.

    When they do come out and if you don't like the new blue colour there are bound to be people who do and that are looking to sell their cornflowers. They should be out in the next month or so.
  8. Rouge VIF and Blue India for me!
    Hopefully the leather won't be as veiny like this past season.
  9. Same here! Love the rouge vif and blue india. :love:
  10. Related q -

    Does anyone know when the fall bags will be coming out? Wondering if the old leather will return is making me a bit stir-crazy....
  11. may/june? or june/july? Sorry I forgot lol...

    btw, when they start rolling out the fall colors, does it mean they'll get rid of the spring/summer colors?? Or would they keep them in stock until they sell? Anyone know?
  12. Aloha Rag is expecting new shipments in late May. Bal NY told me the new colors might be coming out sometimes between June and August.

    I know Aloha Rag and Bal NY keeps the previous season B-bags in stock until they're sold, but then their bags sell fast.
  13. I'm so excited for these colors! I want either a Messenger or a Weekender in Rouge Vif (Fire engine red!)! :lol::biggrin::smile:
  14. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !

    That's faster than I thought. Not to long at all... Thanks for the info Irissy!