What are the color caviar med flaps out there?

  1. Hi, may I know what are the colors that are out there for the med caviar flaps? Other than the standard black and beige.

  2. I have a white.
  3. Charmaine, right now there's only a few basics, the black, white, beige, and pink. There will be more colors in S/S 2008, though! :smile:

    There may be a better selection of older colors like Blue Fonce if you were considering lambskin instead of caviar.
  4. there was, though i'm not sure if it's still there, a pale blue medium classic flap in lambskin at neiman's in palo alto as of last week.

    i have this purse, which is why i didn't pick it up--here's what it looks like:

  5. Black, beige
  6. If you call NM, you can probably track down a pink caviar medium classic flap w/ silver h/w. :smile: I just received mine after going through a few (none were perfect on the sides), and it's gorgeous (and perfect haha). :heart: I think dept. stores generally have better color selection, because they seem to keep more backstock of older colors. Good luck! :tup: If nothing else, s/s '08 will be amazing... classic flaps will be released in salmon, light pink, pink, yellow, dark white and navy (which hopefully will be the bright, electric blue I saw in the Reference Library... and mine haha)! :drool:
  7. i wish they make red a perm color. its so nice seeing red flaps in here
  8. I'd vote for more colours too - something bright, preferably blue.
  9. mscupcake -i got the pale blue flap! thank you soooo much for posting!!! is the picture true to colour? thank you again i cannot wait to get it! :heart:
  10. ^Yay, congratulations! Yes, the color is true to life, though it's much prettier in person. For some reason, whenever it's photographed, it appears white. It's actually a very, very pale, cool blue. You will love it! Congratulations again, and please post photos as soon as you can! I'm so happy for you!