What are the cheapest Chanel handbags?

  1. Just wondering, but what are the cheapest Chanel handbags?
  2. currently or ever?
    Least expensive right now would be some clutches or teh Paris Biarritz ligne I think.
    Cheap and Chanel are not synonymous though:nogood:
  3. The ones you don't buy.....:sweatdrop:

    Hmmm...I am not sure - but someone here must...

  4. Swanky said it well.:yes:
  5. Cotton Club Pouchette?
  6. how much are the medium or even smaller classic flap?
  7. cheapest is when you get ur dh/bf to get you one!

    I think the e/w flap is $1395 and medium $1995. Pouchettes and clutches start just below 1000.
  8. I believe the timeless clutch is about $995, not sure with the price increase.

    And I also agree that cheap and Chanel are definitely not synonymous with one another.
  9. LOL!

    If you're really looking for the cheapest, pochettes and clutches are the cheapers (except for the color pop. :wtf:)

    Although if you're looking for a big and cheap, pariz biarritz.
  10. yea i know cheap and Chanel dont go together but, i am a newbie of Chanel and just starting out so I need to go with something a little less then what you all have C:
  11. Hi would have to agree that the Cotton Club pouchette would be the cheapest. I saw it at Nieman Marcus for $795.00. Hope that helps ya. Good luck.:smile:
  12. Sorry if you got the wrong idea. We're not trying to make you feel bad at all! Chanel IS very expensive.

    Here's some pictures to help. This is the Cotton Club Pouchette people have mentioned:

    Although I love love love the Timeless Clutch which goes for about $995
  13. I feel that I should point out that some of these mentioned are going up for fall (Sept price increase.) I think some places have already increased the Timeless Clutch.

    Simply put, I don't think anyone was trying to make you feel bad in regards to Chanel not being "cheap" but the fact is, it seems that for fall, it will become increasingly harder to find any Chanel for under $1000-ish. Even The Rock vinyl bags are starting around $1195 if I remember correctly and they aren't leather.
  14. The Timeless Clutch is adorable but I don't know when I'd use it! I'm always afraid I'll lose a clutch that doesn't have a strap or handle.
  15. cheapest? wait until the sale :tup: They may have nicer bags for less (that's how I got my MM tote and loving it)