What are the Chanel ladies doing for NYE?

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  1. Wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year full of Chanels!

    It will be a low key NYE party tonight since my fiancee & I are flying out to Vegas tomorrow morning for a few days. I can't wait!

    How will the Chanel girls be ringing in the New Year?

    Have fun and be safe!

  2. First, a Happy, Healthy and Chanel filled New Year to all you wonderful ladies! I just got home from work, our restaurant has been busy this entire season. Tonight my fiancé and I are going to nice, fancy dinner at a 5* hotel here in Granada - caviar, champagne, the works... I can't wait to be served instead. We both deserve it! :yes:
  3. We're boring. We usually stay in on New Year's Eve now. We'll sip some wine and champagne and watch movies.
  4. Tammy, We're with you!
    My hubby, two girls and my parents are all staying in and having a nice dinner here.
  5. We're having dinner with three other couples at a trendy Belgian restaurant--their specialty is mussels and Belgian beer! :party: And I'll be carrying my Chanel classic flap in black caviar!!!!
  6. We (my husband and I) going to see a band and drink some champagne. He wants to go somewhere this year, since last year I got my way and we stayed home. We live in New Orleans and everyday is a party here, so I'd prefer stay home on such a big party night...
  7. Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe New Year!!!

    I am only going to a party at my sister's, nothing fancy ... except for my new Chanel Kelly :supacool:
  8. Its NYE here and i'm on tPF while DH is browsing some tech forum!!LOL
  9. My husband and I will be going to one of our favourite seafood restaurants with a great view of the water tonight. There'll be dinner and dancing. I'm looking forward to using the new east west bag that my husband gave me for Christmas!
  10. We're staying in with another couple - movies and drinks. A low key holiday after all the time spent running around in the last two weeks.

    Everyone have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!!
  11. We are low-key as well...Im having a bunch of my ten yr olds friends over for a New years sleepover party...ROFL..EEK!
  12. ^^
    Jill, I read that too fast and thought it said "some of my 10 y/o friends"..LOL

    We are going low key, a few neighbors over for drinks later..
  13. I will be staying home. My teenage daughter has some friends over, so I am staying put tonight.
  14. I soooo want to stay in! It's dreary and drizzly out and I'm pooped. SO wants to go to his friend's party, so we'll see... I do want to wear a pretty new dress that hasn't gotten to see the outside of my closet, however...
  15. ^GO OUT AND HAVE FUN!!!!
    Post pics of your cute outfits too so all of us boring mommies that are stuck home can see them!!LOLOLOLOL!