What are the chances?

  1. That I could find a rouge VIF shoulder (not the purse, but the clutch w/strap)? Has anyone seen one at any store you frequent :confused1: ?

    Much appreciated if you keep me in mind on your weekend shopping trips :flowers: ('Cause I know you are going to go :graucho: .) I'll be searching in NOVA this weekend.
  2. I've been to Neiman's in Tysons and Bethesda... nothing in yummy colors :sad:
  3. Chevy Chase?
  4. If I'm not being crazy I swear I had seen one one eBay the other day!!! Did anyone else see it?
  5. Please don't be crazy:push:, please don't be crazy :push:
  6. Sorry Zac,
    you are crazy :p .
  7. ^^^I just tried to search but I swear I saw it!!! I remember I saw it b/c I thought to myself I've never seen this! ~ then again I could be crazy.
  8. No, zac, you're not crazy. They DO have one on eBay in Pale Pink! tabbyco, you better get to it, if it's in a color you want...
  9. I'll check in Norway, haha. Cause we appearantly have the biggest selection around. Not.

    Well, I WILL be going to see the new colours!!
  10. i only see one in lilac right now - really cute and fun style too.