What are the chances?

  1. Well, I've seen a pic of the anis and marigold....now I can't get it out of my head.

    I REALLY REALLY WANT ONE :love::love: I'm just wondering is there a chance that I will actually get one?? Or should I give up my dream and go after one of the new Spring colors??:confused1: :s

    I would love a Day or City in one of these colors. Has anyone ever seen one come up on eBay?

    I've only been in love with Bbags for a short time compared to some (1 year) and I've never seen one on eBay.

    Thanks guys!!
  2. Neither color was made in a Day, so your best bet is for a City. I always say to hold out for what you really want; having said this, both colors are super rare and tend to go for a lot when they do appear. If there is something that will satisfy you from the current collection, by all means get it, but if your heart is set on one of the older, rare colors, hang on and save your pennies so when it does appear, you'll have the money for it. ;)
  3. Slinks: Thank you! I think you might be right.......possibly hold out and save if and when one pops up! However, I have been looking at the new grass green and in general I'm not much of a green person, but something about that fresh green color is say "HEY PICK ME!"
  4. Even though Balenciaga doesn't officially produce the same color from year to year, at some point they'll be producing a very similar color. If I hadn't found my 05 Olive, I would simply be waiting for the next dark olive to come out that was close to it.

    I'm sure at some point a color close to marigold and annis will come out -- it won't be the same, but it will come. So you can either wait to pay retail for that, or you can wait to pay above retail to get the marigold and annis when they hit eBay.

    Either way, you're going to have to be patient. I think I'm lucky because the 05 Olive was the only color from a past season that I was desperate to have. Now that I have it, I'm putting money aside for current season colors going forward. From S/S 07 I'm going to get an Anthracite City. I might skip Fall if nothing really rings my bell, or get a wallet or toilet case instead of a bag.
  5. love the marigold, they are hard to find. I really wish they would come out with a new yellow color!
  6. Lovely colors there, good luck I hope it pops up!!!
  7. Highglossfinish,

    Thanks for the advice.......I think I will just wait for a Yellow tone color. I really wish they released a yellow for S/S '07! I know this is early, but when will they release colors for F/W??

    And CONGRATS on your Olive Day...I saw the pics. and it is so GREAT! Isn't great when you get a bag you've been CRAVING?!?! :smile:
  8. I'm still waiting for one of my dream bags to come out, the mustard yellow on ebay but haven't seen it yet and it's been a little more than half a year!! I'm sure something in a yellow tone will come out in the near future. ( they haven't had one in 3 yrs) ... *crossing fingers :smile:
  9. well, if you have my luck, you go out and buy something else and THEN there will be like ten of what you origanally wanted on ebay :push:

  10. That always happens to me too!! :s

  11. ^^ lol, that's so true!!!
  12. That ALWAYS HAPPENS.....every frickin' time!!